6 Ways to Nail Your Resolution This Year

Cheers to the New Year! And the new you. It’s one thing to make a resolution, but it’s another thing to actually keep it, right? To keep you on track, here are some foolproof ways to help keep you from falling off the wagon this year. Let’s do this New Year’s thing right!

1. Make it to March 7th and Your Golden

Not like gold rush golden, but you’re in pretty good shape. It takes march-7two months for a habit to stick—66 days if you’re really counting. So write down March 7th on the back of your hand or your calendar or somewhere. Because you’re 80% more likely to keep with it after that day.

2. Dig Deep – Like Real Deep

Basically, try not to generalize. Yeah, that shovel
means “I want to save more money” isn’t cutting it this year. Figure out what you’re saving for, what the goal is, when you want it saved by, and set mini targets along the way.

3. Two’s Better Than One… Kinda Like Chopsticks

Yeah, it’s like teamwork–try eating rice with one chopstick. No, chopsticksactually, don’t. Just take our word for it. Same with resolutions. It’s way easier to keep one if you’ve got a buddy to keep you accountable–then you guys can guide each other.

4. Get Up When You Slip Up

Falling hurts. It hurts a lot. But you don’t let a slip-up banana-pkeep you down. Get back up and keep going–it builds character. And the more times you pick yourself up, the more likely you are to keep with it.

5. Get Your Tape Out – It’ll Help

No, not that kind of tape. Something that measures. Doesn’t matter if duct
you’re using centimeters, inches, marbles, or whatever–if you can measure it, you have a better chance of making it. So track your progress.

6. One Word… Megaphone

Ok, fine, so one word wasn’t quite enough. What we mean is, tell people.Megaphone Show off your resolution. Be proud of it. And one way you can do that is by taking The Relentless Resolutions Challenge. Take it and share your progress along the way.








Source: Ally Bank

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