Will Municipal Bond Funds Hit 52 Weeks of Consecutive Inflows?

LPL Financial Research

The Investment Company Institute (ICI) reported yesterday that municipal bond funds saw inflows of $754 million for the time period September 14, 2016, to September 21, 2016, the 51st consecutive week of inflows. Although we won’t know until next Wednesday if the asset class will hit a full year of uninterrupted inflows, the strength of the streak is worth discussing.

As the chart below shows, the current streak is the second longest, and also the second strongest, in the past 10 years. The only one that has been longer started following the financial crisis in 2009 and persisted until March 2010, with an average weekly inflow of $1.35 billion. The current stretch has a slightly lower, but still strong, $1.2 billion in average weekly inflows. It is also interesting to note that some previous streaks would have been much longer, if not for a lone outflow in the middle. Had…

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