Three Financial Facts of the Week: February 4, 2016


Fact #1
January 2016 was the first month without an IPO in over 4 years, as many companies temporarily delayed their offering due to market uncertainty, according to market intelligence firm Ipreo.
Source: CNN Money

Fact #2
According to MarketAxess, high-yield bonds issued by gas and oil companies grew to more than $250 billion last year, up from $95 billion in 2012. Yet with the price of oil 65% below its 2012 peak, many energy companies now find themselves in a cash-flow pinch.
Source: New York Times

Fact #3
U.S. consumer spending was unchanged in December, but a jump in savings to a three-year high at $753.3 billion suggested consumption could rebound in the month ahead.
Source: CNBC

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