RadioShack’s CEO Has Quit After Less Than a Year

Photo by Rick Wilking/Reuters

Ron Garriques, who took the reins of RadioShack after it filed for bankruptcy and was sold to a New York hedge fund, has reportedly quit as CEO after less than a year in the position.

Garriques stepped down from the Fort Worth, Texas-based company “to pursue other interests in a role that will put him back closer to his family,” according to a statement obtained by local newspaper, the Star-Telegram.

Until a replacement is found, the Star-Telegram says CFO Gordon Briscoe will serve as RadioShack’s interim CEO.

Garriques took over in April after the company and its 1,740 stores were boughtin a bankruptcy court by Standard General, a New York hedge fund. The previous February, RadioShack went into Chapter 11 and closed more than half of its 4,000 locations.

Garriques, a former Dell and Motorola executive, took the role from former CEO Joe Magnacca. Chief revenue officer Marty Amschler also announced he’s leaving RadioShack, according to the Star-Telegram.

Written by Benjamin Snyder of Fortune

(Source: Fortune)

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