Coming Soon: Drones That Can See in the Dark

The DJI Zenmuse X5 thermal drone lens will ship in early 2016
Provided by Re/Code

Drone maker DJI on Thursday said it is working with Flir, the leading maker of thermal imaging sensors, to create a new drone camera that can shoot in complete darkness.

The camera, known as the Zenmuse X5, will be available in the first quarter of next year. It could be especially useful for firefighters and first responders who need to see in the dark or through smoke.

DJI said it will announce pricing closer to launch, but the technology is clearly aimed at professional uses rather than the consumer market.

So how big is the market for a drone that can see in the dark?

“It’s a large niche, let’s put it that way,” said Colin Snow, CEO of Drone Analyst, a research and advisory firm. “Think of how many firehouses there are in the United States.”

Other uses include agriculture, to monitor plant health and pest invasions, as well as industrial uses, such as detecting problems in electric grids or solar panels.

“It can see things that the human eye doesn’t see,” Snow said. “That presents a bunch of industrial applications, not just first responders.”

While there have been plenty of thermal cameras in the past, as well as photo-capable drones, this is the first time the two have been integrated. For about the past year, Snow said, some people have been hacking together solutions by attaching thermal cameras to existing drones.

DJI has become best known for getting a bird’s eye view of things, like we did at CeBit last year. But it’s also attracted interest for a wide range of commercial uses,i from agriculture to industry to first responders.

Written by Ina Fried of Re/Code

(Source: Re/Code)

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  1. You guys forget that the pressure from that old wifi device makes the whole thing lighter when near the ground. those old units are high power and follow the inverse square law to cause actual lift when powered at a high voltage, you can make them hover on their own as well as increase range to 1-2 miles.


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