The Catch About McDonald’s All-Day Breakfast

© Provided by CNBC
© Provided by CNBC

For weeks now, McDonald’s  (MCD) has plugged all-day breakfast, one of its biggest initiatives in years. Now that it’s finally here though, customers are realizing there is a catch.

The extended breakfast menu that launched Tuesday offers a limited selection and varies by location. Just half of McDonald’s 24 total breakfast items are available as part of the full-day menu. Several items like the Egg White Delight McMuffin or the McGriddles did not make the cut.

For example, one Manhattan location is selling just nine breakfast food items, including McMuffins, as part of its limited menu.

On social media, some Twitter users expressed disappointment about the limited menu.

Some users discussed McDonald's breakfast menu on Twitter Tuesday.

© Twitter via CNBC 

Only about 20 percent of markets, which are mostly in the Southeast, will serve biscuits all day while about 80 percent of markets will serve McMuffins.

This means if you’re a biscuit lover on the West Coast with a hankering for a bacon egg and cheese biscuit for dinner, you’re likely out of luck.

Hash browns also won’t be available everywhere though, spokeswoman Lisa McComb notes the “vast majority” or about 90 percent will have them.

Written by Katie Little of CNBC

(Source: CNBC)

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