The Best End-of-Summer Sales

© Greg Sargent/Getty Images Travel Vacation Sale Event
© Greg Sargent/Getty Images Travel Vacation Sale Event

With all these back-to-school sales flooding the market, it feels as if the sun is setting on our summer state of mind. But here’s the thing: Labor Day is super late this year. It doesn’t actually take place until September 7, which means we’ve got a couple weeks left of that good old summer spirit. So to help you eke out a little more fun before the autumn chill sets in, here’s a roundup of the hottest end-of-season clearance sales.

Patio furniture

Modern Wicker Garden Furniture

© iStockphoto/Getty Images Modern Wicker Garden Furniture

Say goodbye to that rickety wicker chair you’ve been sitting in, and just barely tolerating, all summer long, and splurge on a cushy new patio set. Because retailers are looking to clear their floors and storage space to make way for, dare I say, leaf blowers, snowblowers and even holiday decorations, they’ll part with their patio furniture for peanuts. Home Depot is clearing out its inventory for up to 40 percent off, Lowe’s is unloading its collection of chairs, tables and rugs for up to 50 percent off and Pier 1 Imports has slashed its prices by up to 70 percent. For outdoor sectionals, check out Pottery Barn, which is currently offering several models for up to nearly $3,000 off. No, that’s not a typo. Oh, just think of the lounging you could do! Toss in a cashmere blanket and a good book, and you’ll be set well into fall!


Picnic, Grilling time, Grill

© iStockphoto/Getty Images 

For hardcore grillers, the outdoor cooking season never ends. So if you’re in need of an upgrade, and just think what you could do with six burners rather than just four, strike now while the sales are red-hot. Sears has gas grills for up to 50 percent off. Char-Broil has seared up to $40 off several models, and with a coupon code, you can take off an additional 15 percent (or up to another $55 dollars). Cuisinart grills at Best Buy are up to $46 off. And for your grilling accessories, such as grill grids or sausage baskets, try Sur La Table, which is clearing out its inventory for up to 75 percent off.

Bathing suits

Mannequins With Swimwear At Market Stall

© EyeEm/Getty Images Mannequins With Swimwear At Market Stall 

Trust and believe, there’s still time to swim, and even if it’s not for long, there’s always next year. The sales on swimsuits are just too good to pass up right now. Old Navy, for instance, has bikini bottoms and tops for $5 and $7, respectively (both originally $20), and one-pieces for $13 (originally $40). Macy’s has suits by Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors, Nike and Calvin Klein for over half off, plus an additional 15 percent off with a coupon code. Victoria’s Secret’s suits are up to 60 percent off. has over 1,000 items on its end-of-summer sale list, including many that are 80 percent off. And while you’re at it, you might as well pick up a plush beach towel, too. Lands’ End has sprawling 78-inch-long polka-dot ones for $15 (originally $40), while Pottery Barn has a few for nearly half price, plus free shipping.


Sun glasses

© Flickr RF/Getty Images Sun glasses

You’ve probably abused your poor sunglasses by sitting on them, dropping them and tossing them in your bag, where they get scratched by sand. So now is the perfect time to consider replacing your old pair. After all, the sun shines all year long, and the sales on shades are gleaming right now. has designer models, including Givenchy, Chloé, Dior, Jimmy Choo and Oliver Peoples, for up to 85 percent off. (Every single pair of Bertha shades, which retail for $450, for example, are now $59.) The Sunglass Hut has over 250 pairs on sale, including Ray-Bans, Pradas and Miu Mius. For a sportier look, has several Bollé models on sale for nearly half off until Labor Day. The prices are so good that it’s worth taking the chance, even if you can’t try them on. Besides, each of those retailers offers free returns.


Surfboards on beach Newquay, Corwall

© Flickr RF/Getty Images Surfboards on beach Newquay, Corwall 

You’ve watched your friends (in real life andon Instagram) riding the waves and paddling into the sunset. Now’s the time for you to get in on the action, as surf and stand-up paddleboards are on sale. Global Surf Industries is currently offering both types of boards for up to 60 percent off. For paddlers, L.L.Bean has many models for up to 20 percent off, while Overton’s has more than 50 boards on sale, most for over $100 off. For wave riders, has brands, including Surftech and Lib Technologies, for up to 50 percent off. Of course, you can always just drop into your local surf shop, especially if you need guidance on selecting the right board. Some even sell gently used boards, a perfect introduction for kooks. (That’s surfer slang for beginner. Of course, you’ll learn that soon enough.)

Now get out there and have fun!

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Written by Noelle Buhidar of U.S. News & World Report

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