Three Financial Facts of the Week

Provided by Wikimedia
Provided by Wikimedia

Fact #1
As oil prices have fallen to their lowest level in 6 ½ years, gasoline prices at the pump may soon follow suit. As of August 24, the average retail price for a gallon of regular gas nationwide stood at $2.595 and 12 states have at least one gas station selling regular gasoline for under $2 a gallon.
Source: MarketWatch

Fact #2
According to J.P. Morgan Asset Management, 6 of the 10 best days on the S&P 500 occurred within two weeks of the 10 worst days.
Source: Business Insider

Fact #3
According to the Consumer Conference Board, the number of homes sold but that have not yet started construction rose to an annualized 192,000 in July 2015, the most since June 2007.
Source: Bloomberg

Written by Rob Coursey of Value Line Funds

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