Google+Blackberry: the Ultimate Android Tag Team

© Rob Bulmahn, Flickr
© Rob Bulmahn, Flickr

Apple better watch out, because two kids on the tech block are teaming up and forming an Android-clad alliance. And this time, it is no longer just a rumor! Sure, the leak of Google and Blackberry’s device may not actually be the product that they are launching together, but this partnership is stewing up something big.

Here are the ingredients in this “big” stew that Google and Blackberry are cooking up: BlackBerry’s enterprise device deployment service called BES12, the Android 5.0 Lollipop, and Google Play for Work.

Based on what they described on their site, this device will essentially provide a secure mobile experience with disk encryption that will prevent virus and malware from accessing your private information. So you won’t have to worry about your secrets getting into the wrong hands!

Additionally, there will be a consistent experience throughout all of these devices due to their Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) framework. So you will not need to learn a completely new system when you are switching Android gadgets. This will make their line of products user-friendly and easy to manage.

Also, with Google Play for Work and the Android backbone, you will be able to access the endless library of Android’s apps. You could even create your own app quickly and integrate your work to your mobile device efficiently through this feature. With all of these powerful specs, you will be able to do business through your phone while you are on the go!

The bottom line is that their goal is to create a more secure version of the Android, using BlackBerry’s BES12, combined with the Android 5.0 Lollipop, and Google Play for Work. Basically, not only will this device contain the enhanced security of a Blackberry, but it will also hold the accessibility tools and apps of an Android OS. With this unique blend of innovative features, the work-friendly gadget that every workaholic has always dreamed might actually become a reality!

However, this is not just a win for the working consumers, but it is also a win for these two tech companies. How? Well, Google will gain access to a stronger security framework for its own products, and Blackberry will finally be able to climb back up from its fall from the Tech Giants Hall of Fame.

So get ready! Blackberry and Google might actually be able to set new standards for the next level of technology of this decade.

Written by Lake Avenue Financial

2 thoughts on “Google+Blackberry: the Ultimate Android Tag Team

  1. Very well written article. I am excited and skeptical at the same time for their new products and what not.
    Thanks for the tip. Please keep up the good work.


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